Visualizing Business Process Diagrams with yFiles – BPMN

Visualizing Business Processes improves the understanding of the process and how the process flow works.
To give organizations the ability to communicate these procedures with multiple stakeholders, a standardized model, and visual notation is essential.

In this webinar, you learn how the BPMN standard works and how to visualize business processes with yFiles using your BPMN data.

00:00 Welcome to the webinar
00:16 Agenda
00:57 Introduction to yWorks
03:00 Introduction to BPMN
07:51 Visualize your Business Process Diagrams in yFiles
13:45 Further Information and Links
15:21 Q&A Session

The following links provide more information about BPMN and how it is supported by yFiles:
A live BPMN Editor based on yFiles for HTML
Business Process Diagrams with yFiles
Business Process Diagrams with Graphity

Learn more about the yFiles family of diagramming libraries:

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