Visualizing an Electronic Record System: A Case Study For BAs

Health care providers and administrators are constantly searching for ways to improve patient care and clinical outcomes while at the same time driving more efficiency in their operations. This can be especially challenging when rolling out new technology to clinicians, who may have only minutes to review and provide feedback on systems.

When applied in the right process, visualization can be a very effective strategy for achieving amazing results, as we see in this Web seminar highlighting a specific case study with the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). Using iRise to visualize an electronic health record system used by doctors, nurses and administrators, the experts at consulting firm Business Intelligence were able to identify high value improvements in work flow and user interaction that resulted in an estimated savings of 28 minutes per day for clinicians and other workers at the VHA.

The lessons learned from this project can be applied to many other industries, so this Web seminar is must-see for all business analysts, designers and project managers who want to deliver better business software faster and with less cost.

Topics covered will include:
◾Setting the right goals for your project
◾How to approach visualizing a complex application set
◾Getting the right user feedback – fast
◾Lessons learned in user involvement, process & visualization techniques
◾Measuring results

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