Victim Statements, Suspect Interviews & Presenting at Crown Court – Charlie Payne – BA Conf 2019

Victim Statements, Suspect Interviews & Presenting at Crown Court…
Charlie Payne, BA Manager, National Grid

… learning how to elicit, analyse and present like a police officer.

This Conference Session was presented at our Business Analysis Conference Europe 2019.

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The 2020 Conference will take place 21-23 September in London
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The business analyst job is often investigatory at heart. Then, once the investigation is complete, the ability to present in an effective manner is essential for good analysis to be put into action.

These skills are very similar to that of a police officer investigating a crime and then presenting the evidence to secure a conviction and see that justice is done.

Charlie Payne is currently managing the BA team at National Grid, though in a previous career as a police officer many of the core skills mentioned above were his daily bread and butter.

In this session, Charlie will share with you some of the techniques and principles he employed in the police that helped him to conduct good investigations.

Included will be the following topics:

Eliciting perspectives via witness statements and suspect interviews
Observation principles and evidence gathering through surveillance methods
Business case development and presentation through files for court and giving evidence in the box
Managing expectations when win-win isn’t an option.

Charlie is passionate about seeing Business Analysts thrive in their roles as change agents. He currently leads a team of 35 BA’s at National Grid and is passionate about building the capability of the team to enable the right business outcomes. Charlie finds that he often draws on his previous professional skills as a police officer to coach and encourage his team to grow in their BA skills (though no physical use of force has been encouraged).

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