UX & Product: Fostering a productive & healthy tension between product & design

We are proud to present this event about UX and Product with Sophie Tobin!

======= Talk #2: UX & Product: Fostering a productive & healthy tension between product & design =======

In this talk, Sophie will talk about how frictions between multidisciplinary team members can be transformed into healthy tensions that drive positive business outcomes. Acknowledging the common frictions faced between product managers and designers, Sophie will share from her experience key enablers that help unlock the potential in work partnerships (and some times when they went wrong!). Anchoring around customer problems, solution development and business outcome, Sophie will highlight how conversations, alignment and trust are key in the Product and Design partnership.

About Sophie:
With a background in Service and Strategic Design, Sophie has solved customer problems and designed experiences for brands across Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA – stretching from redesigning paramedic uniforms, to designing a new digital bank in India, to building a property-tech platform in Australia. After spending the best part of 4 years as the Strategic Design leader at BCG Digital Ventures, Sophie is currently the Chief Experience Officer of top growth health-tech company, Mable. She is leading a team of design-led disciplines to work across the business and help continually improve and innovate the product and service experiences to support people with disabilities and older Australians to live full and inclusive lives.

========== Agenda ==========

6.00 PM: Talks start, followed by Q&A
7.30 PM: Wrapping up

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