Using Visio® 2010 and SharePoint® 2010 for Process Management: Practical Tips and Customer Examples

Microsoft Visio 2010 and SharePoint 2010 offer powerful, easy new ways to model, manage and monitor business processes. This webcast will focus on how to get the most out the new capabilities. We’ll spend the webcast showing the new features and talking about how customers are already using them to improve their processes. Customer examples will include Microsoft, TECO Energy (a Florida utility), The Austrian Ministry of the Interior and John Holland, an Australian engineering services and construction firm.

We’ll structure the webcast around a business process maturity model for Visio and SharePoint. The goal is to make the webcast useful for attendees in organizations of varying business process maturities and to give you practical tips you can apply immediately.

1. Moving from sticky notes to process documents: how to save time documenting process models
2. Standardizing process notation and attributes: how to use the new BPMN template, how to standardize process attributes and how to validate process maps against business rules
3. Automating human and document centric: how to use Visio to model SharePoint workflows and execute and visualize them in SharePoint 2010 without any coding
4. Using Visio to monitor your business processes: how to connect Visio process models to external data and use them as dashboards in SharePoint 2010

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