Using Tables in Gliffy | Basic Gliffy Diagram Tutorial

Adding a table to your Gliffy diagram is a helpful way to provide extra details or reference information for the diagram’s users or viewers.

For example, you could add a table to your company’s network diagram to show how many devices like laptops, desktops, and printers are connected to your network. Or, you could add a table to your company’s org chart with the contact info for each functional group’s team administrator. If you’re redesigning a web page and making a wireframe, a table could provide a snapshot of that page’s current performance.

So, while tables aren’t a type of diagram, they can be a helpful way to give your viewers the context they need to understand and use your diagram without having to reference an additional source.

In this quick video, you’ll learn how to:

🔹 Add a table in Gliffy
🔹 Insert rows and columns to that table
🔹 Remove rows and columns
🔹 …and more.

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