Using Master Specifications for Requirements Variability

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In this introductory webinar you will learn how the definition of variability in software product lines represents a key to mass customization efficiency. Learn how being agile while meeting your customer’s needs can differentiate your business and keep you ahead of your competitors as you develop, test and deploy more efficiently.

Polarion and Vector Software support a new way of delivering testing efficiency and mass customization in a world of quickening demands and changing regulations. When testing multiple configurations, team members could easily create common tests for all configurations or specialized tests for a subset of configurations at the touch of a button.

In this introduction to Requirements Variability, you will learn about:
– Understanding Master Specification, Features, Feature Models, Linking and Traceability
– How feature modes are used to describe the full variability of all different product attributes
– Modeling Variability in the Business Process
– Documenting Product Variability across Product Lines
– Using UML to Model System Variability
– Applying Variant Description Model (VDM) and Variant Specifications

Seize this opportunity to learn the benefits of Functional Variability and Cost Saving Testing methods to meet your customer demands so you can outpace your competition without compromising quality or functionality.

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