Using Lean Startup To Launch And Scale Political Campaigns

We recently hosted a webcast conversation between Dante Vitagliano, Political Consultant at Pinnacle Campaign Strategies, and Marilyn Gorman, Lean Startup Co. Faculty Lead, focused on how Lean Startup can be used to run political campaigns.

In Dante and Marilyn’s conversation, they discuss:
– The similarities between startups and running political campaigns.
– The 3 major phases in the political process where using a Lean Startup approach can help campaigners.
– How to do experimentation and learning inside a political campaign.

And much, much more…

When it comes to political campaigns, Dante Vitagliano wants to build a better business model. When he and his partners started Pinnacle Campaign Strategies, they set out to solve some of the problems they consistently saw happening in political campaigns. To Dante, applying the Lean Startup methodology to their campaign efforts made sense. “There are so many similarities between the startup landscape and what we as […] campaign professionals face on the day-to-day,” he says.

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