Using lean concepts with information technology to improve patient care

The huge investments hospitals and healthcare systems have made in information technology go largely to maintaining existing IT systems and firefighting the latest crisis. Little capacity is left for supporting your organization’s pressing efforts to improve quality while controlling costs.

“Lean IT says, Wait a second. There’s a way to address this so IT is no longer perceived as a strategic liability,” says Mike Orzen, co-author of Lean IT, in this video interview. “There’s another way to think about how information technology can be used in a healthcare environment to enable patient care.”

That new way of thinking and acting will let you leverage existing information systems to achieve three really important goals:
• Do daily work more efficiently
• Support process improvements made by the application of lean healthcare concepts
• Help operational, clinical, and IT areas communicate and collaborate to deliver more value to patients, faster.

See Lean IT in Healthcare
Join Mike on September 24–25, 2013, for Leveraging Information Systems in Healthcare, an in-depth look at how to use lean principles with information technology to enable better patient care.

The workshop includes a “gemba” walk to ThedaCare’s IT department to learn how they partnered with business units and clinical areas.

Take a moment now to learn more about using IT to improve patient value:

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