Using Kata to Address Wicked Problems in Safety • In this unlocked first video in our new course “Using Kata to Address Wicked Problems in Safety” we explore how Kata is being used to address worker safety.
Learn how “How the Boldt Company Practices Improvement Kata” in the con­struc­tion business.


“Using Kata to Address Wicked Problems in Safety”
Con­struc­tion remains a dead­ly indus­try — over 700 work­ers are injured on a job­site every day, and 3 are killed. Despite improved safe­ty tech­nol­o­gy, out­comes have been stag­nant. Now, com­pa­nies are begin­ning to apply lean think­ing to improve con­struc­tion safe­ty.

Videos included in this new course:
• How the Boldt Company Practices Improvement Kata (unlocked)
• Continuous Safety Improvement Program
• Applying Toyota Kata to Improving Safety
• Lessons Learned in Applying Kata to Safety
• Audience Q&A about Using Kata to Address Safety

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A little about Toyota Kata…
The term ​“Toy­ota Kata” was coined by Lean expert Mike Rother in his book of the same name. The idea behind Toy­ota Kata is that by prac­tic­ing improve­ment rou­tines reg­u­lar­ly, the process becomes sec­ond nature. Over time, you’ll begin to devel­op a sci­en­tif­ic approach to think­ing crit­i­cal­ly, solv­ing prob­lems, and mak­ing quick deci­sions about what comes next. ​“Kata” itself is a Japan­ese mar­tial arts term for prac­tice rou­tines that devel­op strong, vir­tu­ous habits over time.

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