Using Cynefin to Prioritize and Analyze Features, User Stories, and Functional Requirements

Lesson 5 of “Getting and Writing IT Requirements in a Lean and Agile World”. View the full course description and outline at Udemy (


Meeting the Agile, Lean, and Continuous Delivery Challenge

Problem solvers are in demand in every organization, large and small, from a Mom and Pop shop to the federal government. Increase your value to yourself and to your group or organization by improving your ability to extract, express, and analyze business needs in formats that are supported by Agile, Lean, and DevOps philosophies.

The single largest challenge facing organizations around the world is how to leverage their Information Technology to gain competitive advantage. This is not about how to program the devices, it is determining what the devices should do. The skills required to identify and define the best IT solutions are invaluable for every role in the organization. These skills can propel you from the mail room to the boardroom by making your organization more effective and more profitable.

An Agile Approach for Getting from Visions and Requirements to Test Scenarios

In this course, you will learn how the concepts of Agile, Lean, and Continuous Delivery software development philosophies influence the discovery, expression, and analysis of business needs.

You will learn how to express those needs in user story format, as features or requirement statements, and ultimately as Given-When-Then structures. This is the language that allows developers to deliver the IT solutions the organization needs.

This exercise-rich, interactive requirements discovery workshop provides a proven set of core business analysis techniques, methods and tricks. The presented content will help agile and lean software development teams, business analysts, product owners, test developers, and subject matter experts discover, capture, clarify, and confirm the kind of IT requirements that solution providers need to deliver the right information technology solutions for the business.

Upon completion of the entire course, you can:

1. Define the capabilities and challenges of Lean and Agile software development philosophies

2. Adapt 10 different requirements gathering (elicitation) techniques to Lean, Agile, and Continuous Delivery software development environments

3. Support Lean or Agile teams by expressing business needs and wants in formats that optimally support all modern Software Development Methodologies (SDM)

4. Reduce the time wasted on miscommunication between stakeholders of IT projects by recognizing and removing terms and phrases that can be easily misinterpreted

5. Drill-down into requirements, features, user stories, and functions to identify and express test scenarios in Given-When-Then statements to facilitate automated testing

6. Identify 17 types of Non-Functional Requirements (NFR) and develop Given-When-Then (GWT) test scenarios for them

7. Leverage the learning curve to incorporate the presented techniques into your job

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