User Stories: What, Not How (Part 2)

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Rule 2 in How To Write Effective User Stories that Express Business Needs and Minimize Misunderstandings.

When writing user stories, stakeholders knowledgeable about the role should focus on the business result that the IT solution will enable while leaving technology decisions up to the developers. What can you as the author do to make your life and your developers’ lives easier? In a word, lots. In this KnowledgeKnugget™ you will learn how to write User Stories that express the what and avoid the how.

This KnowledgeKnugget™ answers questions like:
1. How can you make sure that your user story expresses the what and not the how?
2. Why is it important that you distinguish between what and how?


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Setting Your Own Deadlines – It’s Fun, Not Terrifying!

Still have not finished that publication? Desire to plan an occasion for your task or organization yet you can’t appear to arrive? Why not simply establish a deadline, advertise your task, and also figure it out along the method!

Tips On Business Project Management

Any kind of firm needs to plan its business job monitoring. Without the right preparation as well as in the lack of particular tools, business project monitoring can become a daunting challenge. Here are some ideas that can help you to infuse the best job monitoring methods.

Internal Change For External Results

The fact is this, as a pastor, you intend to see outcomes. When taking a look at your church, in its entirety, those results are extremely exterior. Simply put, other individuals than on your own can see those outcomes. Your church will grow present. Your offerings will raise. You’ll see more volunteers. Those are outside results. Right here’s the trouble. Our natural reaction is to try and also attain external arise from exterior approaches.

The Intuitive-Brainiac Secret to Making Better and Faster Decisions

Indecisiveness are open loops, which implies they are energy-suckers. They distract us from various other things that may be more crucial. We can all be more effective if we make much better choices, quicker.

Re-Engineer Organizational Talent

Abilities and Career Management Strategies are basic for drawing in, developing and also holding on to gifted staff members. Yet, organisational expense habitually beings in seasoned, skilled and also relied on staff members approving new chances, losing intense young talent, as well as greater than often, leaving an organisation with a disengaged workforce. Cautious preparation as well as placement for an organisations skill and also company approach are needed for talent monitoring being both effective and lasting.

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