Use your own custom colors in for Atlassian Confluence Cloud

Learn how to add your own custom colors to in Confluence Cloud.

Save time when you create your diagrams by adding your custom colors to the various color palettes. This is ideal when you want or need to create diagrams that use a consistent corporate style.

In our example, we’ve changed the color palette with the following configuration code:
{“presetColors”: [“a5adba”, “5e6c84”, “172b4d”, “b3d4ff”, “4c9aff”, “0052cc”, “b3f5ff”, “79e2f2”, “00b8d9”, “c0b6f2”, “998dd9”, “6554c0”, “ffbdad”, “ff8f73”, “ff5630”, “fff0B3”, “ffe380”, “ffab00”, “abf5d1”, “79f2c0”, “36b37e”, “cccccc”, “888888”, “333333”],

“defaultColors”: [“none”, “ffffff”, “eeeeee”, “dddddd”, “cccccc”, “bbbbbb”, “a0a0a0”, “888888”, “707070”, “505050”, “333333”, “151515”, “dfe1e6”, “c1c7d0”, “a5adba”, “8993a4”, “6b778c”, “505f79”, “344563”, “172b4d”, “091e42”, “071632”, “050f21”, “020810”, “eae6ff”, “d5cef6”, “c0b6f2”, “b0a6e1”, “998dd9”, “8777d9”, “6554c0”, “5243aa”, “403294”, “382c82”, “30266f”, “281f5d”, “deebff”, “cce2ff”, “b3d4ff”, “88bcff”, “4c9aff”, “2684ff”, “0065ff”, “0052cc”, “0747a6”, “063e91”, “05357d”, “042c68”, “e6fcff”, “d5f9ff”, “b3f5ff”, “97e8f5”, “79e2f2”, “00C7E5”, “00b8d9”, “00a3bf”, “008da6”, “007b91”, “006a7d”, “005868”, “e3fcef”, “dbfbeb”, “ccf9e3”, “abf5d1”, “79f2c0”, “57d9a3”, “36b37e”, “00875a”, “006644”, “00593c”, “004d33”, “00402b”, “f1f6e2”, “eaf5d9”, “d4ebb3”, “bfe28d”, “a9d867”, “97c93d”, “8dbc31”, “7bac36”, “63892b”, “4a6721”, “37491b”, “293917”, “fffae6”, “fff7d5”, “fff3c4”, “fff0b3”, “ffe380”, “ffc400”, “ffab00”, “ff991f”, “ff8b00”, “df7a00”, “bf6800”, “9f5700”, “ffebe6”, “ffded6”, “ffc8ba”, “ffb29f”, “ff8f73”, “FF7452”, “ff5630 “, “de350b”, “bf2600”, “9f2000”, “7f1900”, “601300”, “f5e6eb”, “f6dbe6”, “edb7cd”, “e592b4”, “dc6e9b”, “d34a82”, “c62d75”, “b71b69”, “9e1b5c”, “7f154a”, “6a2541”, “46192b”],

“defaultColorSchemes”: [
[{“fill”: “#151515”, “stroke”: “none”}, {“fill”: “#172B4D”, “stroke”: “none”}, {“fill”: “#0052CC”, “stroke”: “none”}, {“fill”: “#6554C0”, “stroke”: “none”}, {“fill”: “#00B8D9”, “stroke”: “none”}, {“fill”: “#36B37E”, “stroke”: “none”}, {“fill”: “#FFAB00”, “stroke”: “none”}, {“fill”: “#FF5630”, “stroke”: “none”}],

[{“fill”: “#ffffff”, “stroke”: “#151515”}, {“fill”: “#DFE1E6”, “stroke”: “#172B4D”}, {“fill”: “#DEEBFF”, “stroke”: “#0052CC “}, {“fill”: “#EAE6FF”, “stroke”: “#6554C0”}, {“fill”: “#E6FCFF”, “stroke”: “#00B8D9”}, {“fill”: “#E3FCEF”, “stroke”: “#36B37E”}, {“fill”: “#FFFAE6”, “stroke”: “#FFAB00”}, {“fill”: “#FFEBE6”, “stroke”: “# FF5630”}],

[{“fill”: “#ffffff”, “stroke”: “none”}, {“fill”: “#DFE1E6”, “stroke”: “none”}, {“fill”: “#DEEBFF”, “stroke”: “none”}, {“fill”: “#EAE6FF”, “stroke”: “none”}, {“fill”: “#E6FCFF”, “stroke”: “none”}, {“fill”: “#E3FCEF”, “stroke”: “none”}, {“fill”: “#FFFAE6”, “stroke”: “none”}, {“fill”: “#FFC8BA”, “stroke”: “none”}]

See how to customize in Atlassian Confluence Cloud:

Learn more about diagramming with at is available on the Atlassian Marketplace – install your free trial today!

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