Use your corporate style by default – in for Confluence Server

Would you like to diagram in your corporate style in for Confluence Server by default? We will show you how your Confluence administrators can customize with your corporate design quickly and easily.

Here are the three code snippets used in this demonstration to customize the interface:

{“defaultFonts”: [“Lucida Console”, “Verdana”, “Times New Roman”, “Garamond”, “Comic Sans MS”, “Courier New”, “Helvetica”, “Georgia”, “Tahoma”],

“defaultVertexStyle”: {“fontFamily”: “Lucida Console”, “fillColor”: “#F08705”, “strokeColor”: “#none”, “strokeWidth”: “2”, “rounded”: 1, “fontSize”: “14”, “fontColor”: “#FFFFFF”},

“defaultEdgeStyle”: {“edgeStyle”: “orthogonalEdgeStyle”, “orthogonalLoop”: “1”, “jettySize”: “auto”, “rounded”: “1”, “strokeColor”: “#F08705”, “strokeWidth”: “2“}}

See how to customize in Atlassian Confluence Server:

Learn more about diagramming with at is available on the Atlassian Marketplace – install your free trial today!

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