Use your corporate style by default in for Confluence Cloud

Learn how to use custom styles in for Atlassian Confluence Cloud.

Save time when you create your diagrams by customizing to use your custom fonts, shape and connector styles by default. This is idea when you want or need to consistently create diagrams that follow your corporate style.

In our example, we’ve changed the font and shape styles with the following configuration code:

{“defaultFonts”: [“Lato”, “Lucida Console”, “Verdana”, “Times New Roman”, “Garamond”, “Comic Sans MS”, “Courier New”, “Helvetica”, “Georgia”, “Tahoma“],

“defaultVertexStyle”: {“fontFamily”: “Lato”, “fillColor”: “#F08705”, “strokeColor”: “#CC6600”, “strokeWidth”: “2”, “rounded”: 1, “fontSize”: “14”, “fontColor”: “#FFFFFF“},

“defaultEdgeStyle”: {“edgeStyle”: “orthogonalEdgeStyle”, “orthogonalLoop”: “1”, “jettySize”: “auto”, “rounded”: “1”, “strokeColor”: “#CC6600”, “strokeWidth”: “2”}}

See how to customize in Atlassian Confluence Cloud:

Learn more about diagramming with at is available on the Atlassian Marketplace ( – install your free trial today!

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