Use Cases and User Stories for Agile Requirements Webinar

This presentation outlines how use cases and user stories should be used together when gathering requirements for Agile projects.

Many Agile business analysts are hesitant to employ certain requirements elicitation and development techniques such as user stories and use case studies because they are traditionally considered aspects of the Waterfall or traditional method of Project Management. However, the overwhelming responsibility of the business analyst, no matter what method is being used, is to help stakeholders identify their needs and translate them into requirements. Both use cases and user stories should be leveraged to determine the most appropriate business solution to bring value to the customer.

This webinar addresses the questions of how use cases and user stories can work in an Agile environment. The webinar also offers helpful insight into the steps to take when using them, including:
• Requirements visioning-the key to using use cases in Agile
• Why and when to utilize use cases in Agile

Webinar attendees will learn about when to use ‘use cases’ and when to use ‘user stories’, within requirements gathering, to gain maximum value from both. This webinar offers tips and techniques that can be used today to gather stronger requirements.

** Eligible for PDUs, CDUs. **

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