Use a Question File to Reduce Uncertainty during Requirements Elicitation

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In this KnowledgeKnugget™ (KK) you will learn a business analysis technique simply called “the Question File”. This technique will help you manage open issues, document assumptions, be always prepared for requirements interviews, and help you identify stakeholders. Finally, if someone new comes on to the project, the Question File could just be invaluable as a tool for getting them up to speed quickly.
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Maintaining a Question File is the best approach for getting your head around a new project. By tracking what you do not know, adding what you do know, and capturing assumptions you make as your project progresses, you have a highly visible tool for documenting the current state of your project.

The Question File provides a perfect uncertainty ratio that you can present to your manager to graphically communicate your progress toward requirements. In addition, it gives you a leg up in preparing requirements interviews and helps you avoid analysis paralysis making this simple technique a triple-header for business analysis.

The Question File is one of the simplest forms of documentation for a project, but it just may be the most important document you create to avoid “analysis paralysis”. It starts life as a list with open questions about your project.

This KnowledgeKnugget™ addresses questions like:
1. How do you deal with uncertainty at project initiation?
2. What value does tracking questions provide?

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