USAF/Northrop Grumman: Lean-Agile Mindset & DevSecOps in a Multi-billion Dollar Defense System

How do you achieve unprecedented communication between contractor, government, and stakeholders in a large acquisition?

Northrop Grumman and US Air Force agile transformation leads will describe how they have worked together to leverage SAFe and DevSecOps to scale agile practices to refine requirements, enable customer and stakeholder collaboration, and facilitate technical planning for the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD) intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) modernization program. The development occurs under a multi-billion dollar contract involving hundreds of companies and over 10,000 people across the US.

GBSD’s 50-year mission is vital to our nation’s security and adoption of a Lean-Agile mindset is essential to meeting GBSD’s schedule and capability requirements.

Presented at the 2021 Global SAFe Summit, October 2021 by:
David Gellen, Agile Transformation Lead for GBSD /Northrop Grumman
Micheal Burkhart, Lead for Agile Transformation of the Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent program /U.S. Air Force

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