Understanding Lean Product & Process Development: An LEI Explainer Video

Learn what Lean Product & Process Development (LPPD) is, why it’s critical in developing successful value streams, why companies struggle to implement its practices and principles — and where and how to learn more.
The Virtual Lean Learning Experience 2020 (VLX), hosted by the nonprofit Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI), features a two-week immersion into LPPD principles and practices. Register and hear from the foremost practitioners and coaches how you can design your company’s future with LPPD.
– For information on the full VLX 2020, visit: https://elearning.lean.org/pages/virtual-lean-learning-experience
– For more information on the VLX 2020 Designing the Future track, visit: https://elearning.lean.org/courses/vlx-track-designing-the-future
– For information on getting a FREE sample of LEI’s VLX 2020, featuring Jim Womack and Jim Morgan, visit: https://elearning.lean.org/courses/vlx-track-lean-thinking-past-present-future

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