Types of Kanban – Production Kanban vs Withdrawal Kanban

There are many types of Kanban. In this video, Mike will explain the most common: Production Kanban vs Withdrawal Kanban.

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My name is Mike, and I am part of Mark Anderson’s Community.
In this video, I will describe the 2 most used types of Kanban.

▶ A basic classification is:

– Production Kanban
– Move or Withdrawal Kanban

In simple words, a production Kanban authorizes the production of goods.

On the other hand, a move Kanban authorizes movement from a store to the requester.

An example to understand is based on common life.
When you go to a restaurant, the waiter brings a “Production Kanban” into the kitchen and a “Move Kanban” to the bar.

The kitchen will start producing what you have asked for.
From the bar, a “coke” will be moved from the fridge to your table.

Very easy. Is not it?

Let us go into detail.

▶ Production Kanban is the simplest form of “pull system”.

If there is no Kanban, there is no call, so there is no production.

This signal can assume different forms.

– Can be a vacant space to be refilled.
– Can be a card with information.
– Can be in an electronic format.

What the Kanban signal does, is to bring the information
of the material level from the downstream operation to the upstream operation.

▶ Let us move to the Withdrawal Kanban.

The principle is the same as the Production Kanban, but it applies to stocked materials.

These Kanbans trigger parts delivery to the line, either from an internal supermarket or from an external supplier.

In the next video, I will describe how to calculate the number of Kanban to have into the circuit.



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