TV Globo SAFe Customer Story

To accelerate their digital transformation and remain competitive in a fast-changing market, Brazil’s largest TV network turned to SAFe. With 12,000 employees serving 100 million viewers in 130 countries, the media giant offers a full lineup of content: news, sports, entertainment, soap operas, reality shows, and more.

As they worked to overcome a complex software legacy, speed up innovation, and create new ways of working, the challenge has been enormous, but the effort has paid off. Today, TV Globo has established a common way of working for the business and technology areas that embraces a value-driven approach and empowers and engages teams around a common purpose. This has enabled the organization to integrate a portfolio view into decisions for evaluating competing initiatives and aligning them with enterprise priorities.

The results have been dramatic:

— 20% cost reduction
— 24% improvement in employee engagement
— 86% improvement in customer satisfaction

View this high-energy video for the full story and and see how deeply engaged TV Globo’s employees are in this company-wide transformation. It is narrated in Portuguese with English translations.

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