Tune in 2/17 for a special WLEI Podcast with Rivian CEO R.J. Scaringe

#WLEI Podcast episode airs 2/17 http://ow.ly/Rt1f50yeJn3

We recently sat down with Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe and COO James Morgan to talk about their efforts in designing the future of electric car manufacturing using #lean product & process development principles.

If you do not yet know the company Rivian you will undoubtedly know it very soon. In 2019 Rivian made waves in the auto industry by announcing two “electric adventure vehicles”, the R1T – an electric pickup truck – and the R1S – an electric SUV.

Ten years ago, RJ Scaringe, the CEO of Rivian, started with nothing – no people, no technology, no factory, no investors, and no supply chain. Now he leads a team of over a thousand, has developed technology that will power not only their vehicles but Amazon’s delivery fleet and Lincoln’s SUVs (to start), and is currently tooling a factory to launch production later this year.

RJ and Jim discuss how the heart of the company is not the products, but the team developing them. Rivian has attracted premier talent from Apple, Tesla, McClaren, Ford, and others. RJ describes this team as a “mosaic of experiences.” Building the plane as they fly it, RJ and Jim are organizing the mosaic into one purpose-driven organization trying to solve an existentially important problem – the conflict arising from our need for transportation and for a sustainable planet.

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