Try the Gliffy Integration for | Getting Started with the marketplace

The new Gliffy integration for makes it easy to add diagrams like flowcharts, UML diagrams, cloud architecture diagrams, and mind maps all without ever leaving the Work OS.

In this tutorial, we’ll cover:
🔹 Installing the Gliffy integration from the marketplace
🔹 How to add Gliffy diagrams to your projects in
🔹 Tips for using Gliffy Online and the app together
🔹 Popular uses for Gliffy in

If you’re new to Gliffy but already using, sign up for a free trial of Gliffy Online! You’ll get two weeks to test the Gliffy integration and see how it fits in with your workflows in Get started here: [LINK TO]

To install the Gliffy integration via the marketplace, visit:

Learn more about the integration and check out FAQs on our website:

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Not using Learn about our Atlassian diagram apps for Confluence and Jira here:

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