Transforming Innovation – Culture Shock in Programme Governance

Transforming Innovation – Culture Shock in Programme Governance
Philip Hellyer, Enterprise Business Architect, Hedwyn

Webinar Overview:

Philip tells a story of pragmatic innovation in a 150-year-old company, now a global giant. It’s a story that brings together groups of research scientists, data scientists, and commercially-minded folks, all seeking the best and most valuable ideas for change.

It’s a story of globe-trotting, meeting the scientists on their home turf while creating a workshop environment that catalyses creativity and innovative research.

It’s a story of data science, extracting key heuristics from their decades of experience in order to uncover hidden insights in the organisation’s vast knowledge base.

All the while providing an economical path to accelerate their speed of discovery and commercialisation. This case study has as much to do with business design and transformation as it does with their culture of research and development.

You will learn:

• How we structured the workshops to generate the best ideas
• How we satisfied the commercial director’s need to show immediate value
• How we integrated these new-style experiments into ongoing change programmes

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