Training Within Industry ( TWI ): History, Steps, Example and Why Use It

What is Training Within Industry ( TWI ), the history and the steps are explained in this video. The example and the results of the B17 are treated too.

Industry-leading companies like GE, Boeing, and Toyota use TWI to train their employees. But what is it? In this video, you’ll see how TWI can be used in your company to improve productivity, reduce training time and quality.

🔖 Chapters:

▶ Intro (0:00)
▶ What is TWI (0:14)
▶ TWI Results (1:48)
▶ TWI, PDCA, Lean (2:45)
▶ TWI Steps (3:53)
▶ TWI Benefits (4:19)
▶ Why TWI today (5:12)

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✏️ Here is the summary of the transcript of the video

▶ What is the TWI Program

It’s a governative program born in the early 1940s when the USA realized that war could not be avoided.

At that time, there was the threat of a shortage of productive and experienced workers due to the conscription of most men aged 18-34.

But there were also 8 million unemployed people in the USA but most of them never worked in the industry so mainly women, men older than 34, and administrative workers.

Rather than targeting these workers directly, TWI was addressed mostly to supervisors and experienced operators with the goal of training them to instruct employees, improve current methods of work, and maintain good relations with workers.

TWI was designed so that “the real job had to be done by industry, within the industry”.

▶ The J Programs

TWI is built on 3 different methodologies, based on the defined needs a good supervisor should have:

1️⃣ Job Instruction: to provide supervisors with an effective and repeatable Training Method and to standardize jobs

2️⃣ Job Method: to teach supervisors how to improve the jobs

3️⃣ Job Relation: to teach supervisors how to work effectively with people, maintain good relations, and gaining the best from them

One additional section was added later on: Job Safety

▶ TWI Results

More than 600 companies joined the program and were monitored by US Army Department.

📈 86% increased production by at least 25%

📉100% reduced training time by 25% or more

📉 88% reduced labor-hours by over 25%

📉 55% reduced scrap by at least 25%

📉 100% reduced claims by more than 25%

✈ B17 ( TWI Example )

📈 From 75 to 364 airplane/month 1 bomber every 1,6h

📉 – 60% labor content

📉 – 55% reduced scrap by at least 25%

📉 – 42% cost reduction in 32 months (from $242.000 to $139000)



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