Top 10 Practical Tips to Enhance Pharmaceutical Project Management Capability

Top 10 Practical Tips to Enhance Pharmaceutical Project Management Capability Using Data, Digital & Tech Solutions

Life science projects like pharmaceuticals take an average 12 years, billions of £ and only one in 250 drugs successfully reach the market. There is enormous waste in the process, yet the industry does not make use of the mountains of project data to gain insights to improve project performance.

There are calls from the Pharma Project Management profession to consider setting up a Pharmaceuticals Data Trust to provide the “big data” to gain new insights to the success factors, improve decision making, automate repetition, and deliver transformation leading to cost reduction, less waste, increased certainty of delivery, value generation, enhanced productivity, and shareholder value.

To drive the change required against the status quo is ambitious; to overcome the inertia, give direction to ensure the changes are genuinely for the better, and garner an industry led approach around a common purpose. We need to work together to develop the vision, roadmaps and provide thought leadership for project data analytics as an industry.

The Speaker, with her experience in developing data, digital and technology solutions for the legal profession and large organisations such as HM Government, will provide the PIPMG attendees with a practical overview of how to approach gathering requirements that enable the capability transformation that the project management professions is very much looking to adopt.

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