Top 10 Business Analysis Trends of 2013 Webinar

2013 is here and with it a changing organizational environment for Business Analysts. The emergence of Agile as a popular and modern method to manage projects as well as an expanding job scope for BAs means there is change to prepare for. The top 10 BA trends for 2013 include information on the importance of requirements, the new Agile landscape and the new ways in which Business Analysts will be expected to work.

In this webinar Nancy Y. Nee, VP, Global Product Strategy, ESI International will delve into the following industry trends for 2013 including:

• Role of the BA in Agile adoption
• Effective requirements analysis and prioritization
• Importance of modeling skills in BA
• Leveraging BA skills in business architecture

Make sure you are ready for what this year will bring. Be prepared with the knowledge and understanding that will get you ahead in 2013!

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