To be agile or not to be, that is not the queston

APM webinar, arranged by the Scotland Branch on 22 June 2021.

Peter Faulks
Natalie Le Saux Stoner
Allan Crilly

For Hamlet it was life or death. For agile evangelists it sometimes seems to be the same. How do you introduce agile safely?

I am curious about new ways of working, but also cautious of going too far. You may be wondering what new agile practices to adopt. Perhaps you are already making the same discoveries I have over the past six years.

I work in the middle of the organisation, and have moved from a civil engineering waterfall background to introducing agile in change management. I would like to share with you this story of planting many agile seeds and helping them grow:

Is it practical to choose agile for our change projects?
Can we effectively use it for design and construction projects or indeed anything we do in the business?
Should we continue to use some waterfall techniques?
Can we sprinkle some agile thinking into the waterfall domain?

You may recognise some of the challenges I experienced. Often the lessons come from where it didn’t go as planned. There are also many success stories; memorable moments when it all clicks together and spurs us on in the next step of our maturity.

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