Three Design Lessons for the Post Pandemic City

APM webinar sponsored by The Greater Bay Area on 23 Marxh 2022.

Speakers: Matthew Gevers and Michael Rogers

Diseases shape cities. But what if we were able to shape our cities to better fight diseases? This webinar was held on 23 March 2022.

Since 2020, we have seen life disrupted in every city in the world. The variety and imagination of responses to this crisis has given us as urban planners a huge source of insight. As with any experiment, valuable findings may take time to mature, but already they point to practical ways in which we can and should be improving the planning and design of our cities. Without giving up the idea of the city as a social hub, the crisis has also given us an opportunity that can help us adapt to a new reality.

With an increasing urbanisation rate in the coming decades, urban design and public health will increasingly be intertwined, requiring a reflection on the role of health management in city governance. How do we make sure our spaces can respond to any future disruption of similar nature?

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