Thorny Issues in Software Requirements w/ Karl Wiegers Webinar

Over the years I’ve found that many software organizations struggle with the same issues when it comes to requirements. Such troublesome topics include: how to define project scope; the connection between use cases and functional requirements; distinguishing requirements from design; and how to use requirements management tools effectively. Some of the questions I’m asked repeatedly don’t have simple answers that fit all situations, such as, “How detailed should the requirements be?” and “Is it okay to duplicate requirements in the spec?” This presentation addresses ten such “thorny issues” and tricky topics in requirements engineering. I’ll explain why each topic is important, and I’ll offer some practical advice about how to deal with each of these issues on your projects.

** Eligible for PDUs, CDUs. **

SPEAKER: Karl E. Wiegers has provided training and consulting services worldwide on many aspects of software development, management and process improvement. Prior to starting Process Impact in 1997, Karl spent 18 years at Eastman Kodak Company in a variety of roles. Karl is the author of many books including: Software Requirements & More About Software Requirements.

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