Thinking more product: Moving from Scrum to dual-track Agile – Suzanna Haworth Agile On The Beach 19

In this talk from AOTB 2019, Suze explores a case study from her recent work in a London agency, where, working for a large retail client, the programme of work moved from a project-based delivery model incorporating Scrum to a more product-based model. Drawing on aspects of Kanban, Design Thinking and Lean Startup, and implementing a dual-track Agile approach, the team is now ‘thinking more product’.

Suze delves into how the organisation has shifted to this model and how it coped with the change. She talks through some of the difficulties that she experienced along the way and how these issues were mitigated, and provide take away techniques to help in your organisations.

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Suze Haworth is a Consultant Digital Programme Director in London. She has 14 years’ experience working in digital, managing projects for the BBC, IKEA, Specsavers, WaterAid, Channel 4, Esso, SEAT, HSBC and Mozilla, to name a few. She is a certified ScrumMaster, an international conference speaker, and is a member of the DPM Expert Panel on When she’s not talking about digital and Agile (and creating numerous Google spreadsheets), she likes to fuel her obsessions with mountains and coffee.

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