These are the Top Technical Skills that Business Analysts Really Need to Know

This is a frequently asked question: what technical skills a business analyst needs to be well-positioned in the job market and to be able to have detailed discussions with technical professionals?

While it’s important that a business analyst has a conceptual technical understanding as it helps you analyze the problem to be solved and communicate with technical stakeholders, you don’t need to be able to write code or run database queries.

What’s more – I’m going to share the 3 most important requirements models that you can learn today that will help you become a more successful business analyst, especially if you don’t you have hard-core technical skills, like being able to code. And, if you stick around to the end, I have a bonus skill as well.

I’ll be discussing:

***Use Cases are a textual description of how a business user, or a user of a software application interacts with a software system. I’m going to explain how use cases can be used by a business analyst to shape the direction of a team.

***Wire Frames are visual descriptions or visual renderings of a user interface screen. I’ll share how a non-technical business analyst can use wire frames to direct a project.

***Data Models are all of the models that allow you to understand how the database is structured, how the database is stored, and what information needs to be stored. I’m going to explain why data models are more important to understand than SQL.

There are dozens of coding languages out there, but these core skills can be used in many different situations, thereby opening up your skill set rather than pigeonholing yourself.

You can learn to write code, or take a course on SQL, or learn some technical skills that you many never, ever use in your career again. Or you can learn the truly valuable skills that will allow you to have highly productive conversations with the technical members of your project team.



How to Write a Use Case

The Must-Have Business Analyst Skills:

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