The TK Channel – What Do You Want to Achieve?

Practice the four-step Improvement Kata pattern to make more scientific and creative working a habit, and become more comfortable with uncertain paths.

Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about scientific literacy in this video, which is an edit created by Max Schlickenmeyer. (Video and audio credits at

All of us need something to hold onto when we step into the unknown. One option is to rely on preconceived notions, our plan, for how things will go. But the future is not that predictable. When we learn a scientific way of proceeding we can shift from relying so much on preconceived notions to relying more on a means for navigating the unknown, thereby becoming more open and applying our creativity. We become more resilient – less afraid of making mistakes and being judged by others – and more comfortable in the learning zone.

Practicing scientific thinking doesn’t reduce uncertainty, it makes us more comfortable with uncertainty because we’ve mastered a way of dealing with it.

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