The Second P in LPPD: Why the Future is about Lean Product and Process Development

Jim Womack, PhD, the founding CEO of the nonprofit Lean Enterprise Institute and a management thought leader, describes the thinking behind Lean Product and Process Development (LPPD) — and why it’s the future of lean thinking & practice (LT&P).

On September 15, learn what propels new LT&P in Womack’s presentation at the Virtual Lean Learning Experience 2020 (VLX) FREE Kickoff Week, “Lean Thinking’s Past, Present, and Future.” He’ll share “Key Moments in Lean History,” with a focus on what it suggests for the future.

Womack will be joined by Jim Morgan, PhD, a former COO of startup Rivian and LEI Senior Advisor for LPPD, who will reveal “LPPD’s Guiding Principles and Practices.” Register at
Learn more and register for the VLX 2020 at

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