The Rise of Product Ops

Still a pretty new function in the product world, Product Operations is quickly growing in popularity, particularly in large organisations, and, naturally, in companies building tools for product managers. But is Product Ops just the next hype, or a step towards fragmenting the Product Manager role further? Is it just for huge teams or can smaller scaling teams benefit from it? And are we going to call it PrOps?

In this talk, Bianca will share her own discovery and practice of Product Ops, share and challenge what she’s learned on the way, and hopefully spark a discussion on how to implement it in other settings.

Reasonably obsessed with improving how tech teams work together, Bianca Grizhar has built product teams in China, Germany, Spain and the UK. She has coordinated remote and globally distributed teams since 2010, and worked with startups, scale ups, agencies and corporates. Always driven by a good challenge, she even taught Agile practices in North Korea! Now extremely happy to be back in NZ, she is convinced that this is the ideal place to try and lead best product practices.

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