The Mendix Development Process

In this video, Erik Klein Geltink goes through the Mendix Development Process and explains how the Mendix core principles help bridge the gap between IT and business.

You’ll learn more about:

• Why Was Mendix Founded? – The company was founded to help bridge the gap between business and IT. With collaboration at the forefront of the platform, Mendix gave organizations a whole new way of delivering and differentiating with innovative apps.
• What is Agile? – Mendix has fully embraced a combination of Agile development and DevOps throughout the platform.
• How does the Mendix development process work? – The process of building an application includes collaboration between stakeholders, business analysts and developers to produce apps in rapid iterative sprints.

At the heart of the Mendix platform are the collaborative tools that empower organizations to rapidly produce apps.

If you want to dive deeper into how you can collaborate with your team using Mendix, go ahead and follow the Rapid Developer learning path:

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