The Knowledge Explosion: How to crank up productivity and be a dynamite leader

No one is asking you to turn your company into a hippie commune, but the fact is that even your most senior executives can learn something from a new hire. Knowledge sharing without hierarchical boundaries will drive better results, increase sales, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and create leaders across your organization.

Creating a knowledge-sharing culture within your organization where individual contributions and peer-to-peer mentoring is rewarded will result in a rich history of tribal knowledge and heightened employee engagement. These benefits will directly impact your bottom line according to the National Business Research Institute.

Join in this webinar and learn how to reap these rewards:
– Better results – create a two-way communication dialog that informs both ends of your chain of command
– Increase sales – arm your team with a means share effective techniques among themselves
– Reduce costs – install a knowledge sharing hub that houses everything in one place to eliminate searching
– Improved efficiencies – implement technology that reduces communication churn and repeated questions
– Create leaders – establish a culture that respects and honors its contributors and you will empower each member to lead

Webinar attendees will each receive a free copy of our newest ebook: “Knowledge Sharing: The key to better results, increased sales, reduced costs, and improved efficiencies.”.

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