The Kentucky Derpy & Clip Clop Neigh Doggos

There are 20 clip clop neigh doggos racing in the Kentucky Derpy and they have very funny names. Okay, so they’re not the real names. But these are better, and we diagrammed them out in a chart.

What was once known as a horse is now referred to as a clip clop neigh doggo. Animal professionals around the world now recognize this as the new scientific name.

The Kentucky Derpy features clip clop neigh doggos racing at incredibly hihg speeds. Only 20 of them get to race, and they traditionally have fairly unusual names. This year’s contestants are: Fast Casual, Watch Me Neigh Neigh, Hoof Heffner, Where My Keys At, Yankee Poodle Prancy, I’m Just Gray, Interstate 80, Ted Danson, Secrechariot, Charlie, Bye Felicia, Gunther’s Heating & Air, Gronkowski, Smoked Halibut, Spirit – Stallion of the Cinnabon, #hashtag, Sea Triscuit, Sooperdoofer, Shadowflex, and Gerald.

The Kentucky Derpy attracts many hoomans and all of them wear ridiculous hats. Then they drink mint tulips while betting all their moneys. There are different odds depending on a clip clop neigh doggo’s chances of winning: like 5/2, 8/1, or 1,000,000/1.

A clip clop neigh doggo must wear a hooman while it races. They prefer to carry smol circus clowns who wear diaper pants.

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