The Improvement Kata in 10 Minutes

Bill Costantino’s classic explanation of the Improvement Kata, originally posted as a SlideCast on November 25, 2011. Awesome!

This video can be used to provide some Improvement Kata / Coaching Kata background content for ‘pre-review’ online, prior to classroom or practice activities. Here’s how to do it:

1) Have your Learners watch the video on their own time before a classroom or practice activity. Tell the Learners to write down what they think are the key points of the video. Tell the Learners that there will be a quiz and that they may be called upon.

2) You (teacher/Coach) should also write down what you think are the key points in the video *before* the classroom/practice activity.

3) Begin the class/practice session by asking Learners what they got out of the video. Write their responses on a flipchart or board. This will help you see how the Learners are currently thinking. The key points that the Learners miss are things you can emphasize in your subsequent instruction and coaching.

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