The good, bad, and ugly of OKRs, Jenny Herald, ProductTank Heidelberg

OKRs are influential for setting and measuring goals, but like all super tools, they can become harmful in inexperienced hands. When used in informed ways, they can improve focus and lift outcomes, but when mishandled, they can increase waste and inflict real damage upon the organizations that adopt them. Why not learn from others’ mistakes and successes?

In this interactive session, Jenny will share her experience guiding many organizations in their OKR journeys and help us understand the pitfalls and must-do things when adopting OKRs.

About the Speaker

Jenny Herald is currently the VP of Product Evangelism of Gtmhub, where she champions the company’s efforts to help customers orchestrate results at scale via the world’s most powerful Strategy Execution SaaS platform built upon the proven Objectives and Key Results methodology. She’s the host of Dreams with Deadlines, a podcast about strategy execution and results orchestration.

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