The Fundamentals of Product Ownership Analysis

Are you interested in growing in the area of Product Ownership, but not sure where to start? Product Owner job growth is projected to be 24%* in the US, and worldwide the market for individuals with Product Ownership and analysis skills is in demand.

In this webinar of the Product Ownership series, we walk you through the main fundamentals of Product Ownership Analysis.
Webinar participants will learn about:
• An overall understanding of the Product Owner role and its intersection points with Business Analysis
• Core competencies of Product Ownership
• Key frameworks and practices in the Agile family that impact the PO: Kanban, Scrum, XP, DevOps, SAFe, ATDD
• Tips on selecting an Agile planning framework
• Additional important aspects to consider in Agile organizations

Join us in this informative webinar and discover more about the intersection of Product Ownership and Business Analysis.

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