The Critical Role of Business Analysis in Becoming a Data-Driven Organization

Big Data presents an enormous opportunity for business. Stakeholders can make better decisions when they have insights from data. How does your organization collect, share, mine and analyze data to inform your stakeholder? And how involved are business analysis professionals in your data analytics projects?

As part of IIBA’s Global Research, the Achieving More with Data research analyzes the forces shaping the use of data and analytics at companies.

In this panel discussion, Keith Ellis, IIBA Chief Engagement and Growth Officer and David Marco, president of EW Solutions and a global authority in data governance, will reveal and discuss key findings from the research and the critical role of business analysis in becoming a data-driven organization.

Key Learnings:

– Impacts data analytics has on today’s businesses and need to become a data-driven enterprise
– The critical role business analysis plays in driving success in business data analytics in terms of ROI and performance gains
– Essential skills and opportunities for business analysis professionals in business data analytics
– How core business data analytics practices contribute to the quality of analytic activities

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