The Control Dartboard

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We are in really challenging and unprecedented times for all of us. Having coping techniques is really important. I always lean heavily on training and coaching when times are toughest and this is a great technique for coping, the Control Dartboard. I was originally taught this many years ago by Lenny Bedoyan ( ) whilst at Torbay Council. Lenny has agreed to run this session(and more too) online and she is a great coach clearly as she was able to take some of the rough edges off me!

It is a great technique to help us deal with these testing times. We will also record the webinar and set it up on demand

Culture of Fear at Work

Why do some leaders demand concern based management? Do you function in a fear based culture? Is everybody around you including on your own scared to choose?

5 Keys to Create More Time

As hectic specialists we hardly ever have large blocks of downtime. Whether it’s creating a new launch or dealing with required changes, below are 5 Keys to Develop More Time despite what is taking place around you.

Decreasing Stress and Increasing Productivity

Mirroring on my work years before venturing into the world of entrepreneurship, what I plainly remember is the anxiety. It may seem counterproductive to relax rather than heading right into our 3rd back to back meeting. Nevertheless, as leaders, it is our obligation to manage our stress and anxiety.

How You Can Make Project Collaboration Better

Among the best hurtles to the successful conclusion of a business task is cooperation. This is especially true when it concerns larger jobs, integrating a variety of various individuals from various workplaces. If you are wanting to boost your job cooperation, then you should take into consideration utilizing an online approach to project partnership.

Organization at the Workplace

The old saying goes “A place for every little thing and everything in its place.” However, does this still apply? In today’s hectic world, being well ordered is absolutely needed, currently even more than ever. How organised is your work day?

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