The BA and Digital Transformations Webinar – May 7, 2020

We business analysts are familiar with automation. We’ve been recommending changes in business to further automate manual procedures and to improve the current automated processes. However we are in the throes of a total disruption in which the mere automation of processes is no longer enough. We are looking at fully automated stores, “smart” branch banking, our life at our fingertips in the form of cell phones, and more and more digitization of everything we do.

Does this change the role of the business analyst? The question is, will the business analyst continue to react to changes as they are occurring and spend their time defining software requirements and user stories or will the business analyst be at the forefront of the entire transformation process in the organization?

This webinar provides a look at the disruption of digital transformation to business and to the job of the business analyst, and what the business analyst can do about it.


Automation versus Transformation
Digital disruption
An eye toward innovation
Maintain our business analysis edge
** Eligible for PDUs, CDUs. **

Steve Blais, PMP, PMI-PBA
Author, Consultant, Teacher and Coach

Steve Blais, PMP, PMI-PBA, is an author, consultant, teacher and coach who has nearly 50 years’ experience in Information Technologies working as a programmer, project manager, business analyst, system analyst, general manager, and tester. He has also been in an executive position for several start-up companies. He develops business analysis and agile processes and trains business analysts, project managers, and executive for organizations around the world. He is the author of Business Analysis: Best Practices for Success (John Wiley, 2011) and co-author of Business Analysis for Practitioners: a Practice Guide (PMI, 2014) and a contributor to the Business Analyst Body of Knowledge, V3 (IIBA, 2015).


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