The Adaptive Project Professional: one year on

In June 2019, Association for Project Management launched Projecting the Future as a ‘big conversation’ about the future of the project profession.

One year on, we have drawn on what you told us during the conversation, and the conclusions that have emerged. It sets out to shape the future of the profession – with selected action steps for stakeholders across the profession.

After the last 12 months of the ‘big conversation’, we believe now is the time to focus on the adaptive project professional. Change is set to be the defining characteristic of the decade ahead.

Our report ‘The Adaptive Professional’ sets out a series of ideas to help shape the future of project management and gives recommendations for action.

It argues that now is the time to focus on the ‘adaptive’ project professional, able to adapt in an era of unprecedented technological, social and environmental change. The project profession will be at the heart of creating and delivering such change, and so adaptability is key.

Adaptation will be vital: both in how we help our organisations adapt to the changing world, delivering projects fit for the future, and in how we adapt ourselves, continually developing and evolving our skills and behaviours to keep pace with a fast-changing world”

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