Ten Lessons from Practicing Kata in Healthcare – Overview of the Toyota Kata Approach

What are the top 10 things you need to know about apply­ing Toy­ota Kata to health­care? ⬇⬇⬇



🔓 In this unlocked first video in our new course “Ten Lessons from Practicing Kata in Healthcare” Michael Lom­bard pro­vides an overview of the kata approach as back­ground to shar­ing the lessons he learned as a kata coach in the “Overview of the Toyota Kata Approach.”
This 12-video series explores that topic.

Michael Lom­bard, a sea­soned leader in health­care per­for­mance improve­ment, shares his top 10 lessons from his first six months of prac­tic­ing the Toy­ota Kata approach. He con­duct­ed more than three hun­dred kata coach­ing cycles with clin­i­cal lead­ers from across his hos­pi­tal. He made every mis­take in the book and learned from each one. Lis­ten to him share his sto­ries and learn from his experiences.

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Videos included in this new course:
1. Overview of the Toyota Kata Approach
2. Lesson 10 – A PDCA Cycle is Not what I Thought it Was
3. Lesson 9 – Habits Matter
4. Lesson 8 – Measure Habit Formation
5. Lesson 7 – The Kata Approach Meets You At Your Level
6. Lesson 6 – The Kata Approach is Fractal
7. Lesson 5 – Target Condition Does Not Equal Numerical Target
8. Lesson 4 – PDCA is a Fantastic Root Cause Analysis Technique
9. Lesson 3 – Coaching is Tricky
10. Lesson 2 – Coaching Means Providing a Safe Environment to Fail
11. Lesson 1 – When in Doubt, Take a Step Forward and Reflect
12. Audience Q&A About Lessons Learned from Practicing Kata in Healthcare


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A little about Toyota Kata…
The term ​“Toy­ota Kata” was coined by Lean expert Mike Rother in his book of the same name. The idea behind Toy­ota Kata is that by prac­tic­ing improve­ment rou­tines reg­u­lar­ly, the process becomes sec­ond nature. Over time, you’ll begin to devel­op a sci­en­tif­ic approach to think­ing crit­i­cal­ly, solv­ing prob­lems, and mak­ing quick deci­sions about what comes next. ​“Kata” itself is a Japan­ese mar­tial arts term for prac­tice rou­tines that devel­op strong, vir­tu­ous habits over time.


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