Tech Jargon Explained

Tech jargon may be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Understand what it means to be disruptive, seamless, C-level, and more with our Lucidchart video.

There’s a lot of tech jargon, and some of it involves problem solving. Like if it’s an easy solution, it’s low-hanging fruit. If you’re stumped, punt. If there’s no solution, ideate or pivot so your product can work seamlessly, like jeggings.

There’s even more jargon for growing your company. It should be scaleable, on the cutting edge, and disruptive to the tech ecosystem. But don’t disrupt the real ecosystem. If you disrupt enough, you’ll be come a cash cow. Make a billion dollars, and you’re considered a unicorn. Ten billion dollars makes you a decacorn.

Tech companies hire many employees, like gurus, rockstars, and ninjas. Stellar employees hustle, get scrappy, and move the needle. These employees often rise to C-level. Tech companies also require lots of meetings. If you can’t make it because you’re OOO, have someone ping you the dial-in so you can be part of the deep dive. But if you’re out of bandwidth, talk offline, and sync up or circle back to get the download on the 30,000 foot view. Figure out how to get your customers to buy in and drink the Kool-Aid.

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