Tech is the future, but don’t forget the people – Futurefest

We are all users at some point in any given day and we regularly come across poor user experiences. We get frustrated, maybe swear a little, and moan about it to our loved ones. So why do these websites and apps still launch with fundamental usability problems?

This frustration is exacerbated when we realise that technology is supposed to make our lives easier. Rather than free up our time, we are now cramming more into our day and, to help us fit more in, we use websites, apps, and software. And then they don’t work in a way we need them to, giving us more to do.

In this talks we’ll be reminded that humans do not evolve at the same pace as Technology. The more organisations realise that technology is the enabler, not the solution, the better the digital experience is for us all. Shaping projects around people, not technology, provides the common ground that unites everyone, and the investment in the technology has more chance of success.

We’ll be covering:

• What is the challenge we all face as users • What do people look for in a good customer experience • Why is it difficult to remember the user • The importance of human centred design • What you can do

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