Takt Time Calculation

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Takt Time Calculation explained. First go on the page for Takt Time Calculation: http://leanmanufacturingpdf.com/what-is-takt-time/

Then, you can use our resources, pdf or excel to get more practice.

The Takt Time is one of the first step of the Lean Journey!
If you do not understand it into details you can risk a big fail!

Takt Time is the beat of the production and every process should give an output at the beat of the Takt.

With our Takt Time calculator on line you can do any simulation you want and do the calculation whenever you wanteven if you do not have your excel on the fingertips.

In conclusion:

Takt Time is a simple formula
It is just a ratio.

Has to be deeply understood
If you go fast on that you can risk a big failure.

Focus on complex situation
To calculate Takt in a complex situation has to be addressed carefully.



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