Taking Agile to the Enterprise – strategy lessons from seven years in transformation – Matt Hosking

Large-scale Agile transformations are becoming more common as senior leadership teams want their enterprises across the land to “be Agile” or at least be seen to “be Agile”. But what does that mean, why are you doing it, what are the risks, and what does that cost? Watch Matt Hosking’s Agile On The Beach 2019 talk for all the answers!

A transformation is a large-scale change programme that is often assumed to be something much less significant or wide-reaching than it actually is. This session was aimed at Agile change agents and leaders who are involved in adopting Agile at an enterprise-wide level, and discusses the strategy, culture, problems and opportunities of an agile transformation across the spectrum of a typical large organisation.

Matt started out in project management back in the 90’s working in Capital Markets and by 2003 had delivered some of the first “Agile” built financial web platforms in the UK using small cross-functional teams, short iterations and XP techniques.

Matt then moved to freelance work in 2004 and spent time working with the Security Services, the Military, and with Boeing on the 787 Dreamliner programme. In 2009 Matt lead a small cross-functional team to successfully deliver one of the first Agile designed data-warehouses in the UK and since then has helped clients such as the BBC, Fidelity, William Hill and Vodafone in delivering Large-scale Agile Programmes.

In recent years Matt has been coaching Agile and Lean practices and principles across Europe and works with some of the leading Agile consultancies in the Country.

Visit www.agileonthebeach.com for more information about the premier annual Agile conference.

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